Bring your miniature garden to life by using the Mosaic Stepping Stones in a pathway or as the base of a patio. The look of natural stone, with tones of gray and tan marbling, will bring an elegant look to the courtyard of a fairy house. Each bag contains eighteen pieces. To enhance the design and to add a touch of greenery, purchase thyme or mint plants to fill in between the cracks. Another idea is to sprinkle your favorite pea gravel in-between the stones to even out the surface. To achieve control of the weeks, read the following tips. Tips: Begin by visualizing the placement of the pathway or patio in your miniature garden and trace the lines in the soil. Next, insert the edging, so that it is level with the soil height. Compact the soil, within the edging, to a depth of approximately 0.75-inches. Carefully, using a spray mister filled with water, wet the area. Add 0.5-inches of sand and level by using a small piece of wood to compact the surface. Once again, gently spray the surface with water. Place the Mosaic Stepping Stones, keeping a uniform gap between each stone, on top of the sand. Fill in the gap with gravel. Note: Plants, edging, and pea gravel are sold separately. Note: Any accessories pictured are not included, for illustrative purposes only.
  • size: 0.38" High x 1-2" Diameter
  • material: Stone
  • Note: Plants, edging, and pea gravel are sold separately.

Miniature Fairy Garden Mosaic Stepping Stones, Tan, 18 Pieces

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