There does not seem to be any place in the garden that a curious squirrel, foraging for food, will not go. In this case, the little, furry, backyard entertainer is perched on top of a metal wind chime post as if he is ready to scamper up and down the small structure. His fluffy tail is sticking straight up behind his caramel colored bodice. The wind chime post is made of antique bronze colored metal with emerald green ivy leaves decorating it. A tiny chime, which gently jingles in the wind, is hanging from the stake. Consider placing the mini Squirrel Wind Chime outside of a miniature garden cottage window where Mr. Squirrel can spy on the wee folk inside. Humans will not hear the sound of the chimes, only fairies will enjoy the music. Note: Any accessories pictured are not included, for illustrative purposes only.
  • size: 2.75" Wide x 8.25" High
  • material: Metal

Miniature Fairy Garden Squirrel Wind Chime

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