• Miyuki Cube Beads are prized for their precise shape and uniform color.
  • The "Matte Transparent Rainbow" color mix includes transparent red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet with matte finish.
  • The 4mm Size actually has the following range of measurements: 3.8-4mm long, 3.4mm wide.
  • Hole is approximately 1.3mm in diameter.
  • When strung, there are 6.5 beads per inch.
  • You will receive 10 grams of beads, approximately 100 beads total.
  • Color: Matte Transparent Rainbow Mix.
  • DSQ-MIX-440
  • Matte Transparent Rainbow
  • Japanese Glass
  • Approximately 3.8-4mm long, 3.4mm wide
  • 10 Grams

Miyuki 4mm Glass Cube Bead Mix 'Matte Transparent Rainbow' 10 Grams


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