Offering excellent chemical stability and resistance to oxidation and deposit formation, this light-bodied, light-colored oil offers long service life and excellent antifoam and rust protection. Use it for high-speed spindle, plain, and antifriction bearings in textile machines, precision grinders, and other machine tools. Spindle Oils, Spindle Bearing Oil, 5 gal., Pail, Amber, Fragrance Mild Odor, Flash Point 212 Degrees C, Viscosity 4 cSt @ 100 Degrees C, For High Speed Spindle, Plain and Anti-friction Bearings in Textile Machines, Precision Grinders and Other Machine Tools, Features Excellent Chemical Stability, Resistance To Oxidation And Formation Of Degradation Products, ASTM, Physical Form Liquid, Base Oil Mineral
  • Cutting and Grinding Fluids
Size13 Quarts & Above

Mobil Liquid Spindle Bearing Oil, Base Oil : Mineral, 5 gal. Pail Amber 105481


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