A charming accent for your garden, the Monarch 8.5 Foot X-Large Copper Mizoko Rain Chain lets you enjoy the awesome sight of rain water flowing from cup to cup before finally reaching the ground. Hand-crafted of solid copper and fashioned after traditional Japanese rain chains, which have been used for hundreds of years to break the flow of water, this rain chain boasts extra large cups with band etching all around. Simply insert the rain chain in your existing rain gutter drain hole instead of the downspout and you'll be able to enjoy the soothing sight and sound of water cascading down whenever it rains. Over 8.5 feet long, this rain chain can be shortened or combined with an extension or another unit to get the exact length you need. Includes a copper clip for easy installation. Please note that the copper will naturally develop a beautiful green verdigris patina over time. About Monarch International Monarch International Inc. is a leader in home style products manufactured from metal, and combinations of wood and glass. Their roots lie in manufacturing metal badges and buttons for the Indian Army. From there, they evolved and diversified into other products and Monarch started selling hand-crafted goods and lifestyle accessories in the United States and other global markets. Their corporate policy is based on the principles of partnership, trust, service and an unwavering commitment to quality products. (MII099-1)
  • Traditional Japanese design with large band-etched cups
  • Hand-crafted from solid copper
  • Use in place of a downspout
  • Includes copper clip for easy installation
  • Measures 102L x 4W inches, cups are 4L x 4W
Length8.5 to 8.9 Feet
Dimensions102L x 4W inches, 4 x 4 x 102 inches
Weight3 lbs.

Monarch 8.5 Foot X-Large Copper Mizoko Rain Chain

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