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Moving blankets are extremely important in the cargo business, as well as for shipping companies, furniture movers, or anyone else transporting valuable, breakable items. For an individual doing a home move, moving blankets are useful for covering and protecting large items during transport or storage. Unlike cheap paper moving pads, moving blankets do not tear during transit, and can be used time and time again. There are three factors to consider when purchasing a moving blanket or pad - weight, binding, and whether the fabric is woven or non-woven. At 3.5 lbs. each, the Econo Saver is our lightest blanket. It is constructed of a strong, non-woven fabric, and has 3'' cloth binding on all 4 sides with 4 finished corners. The Econo Saver is your most economical moving blanket option - perfect for furniture padding, self moves, or as a packaging material to protect your cargo during shipping. It also works great as a warehouse pad or storage blanket. Scuffs, scratches and deformations to your valuable items can be avoided by protecting them with moving blankets. US Cargo Control offers a wide selection of the highest quality moving blankets on the market for a great price!

    Moving Blanket (4-Pack) 72" X 80" US Cargo Control - Econo Saver (3.5 Lbs/Each, Blue/Blue)

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