Do you find yourself staring at blank walls, bored out of your mind, while at the gym? The Moving Rider is the perfect solution, bringing together the best in exercise and entertainment. Connect the Moving Rider to a computer, Android smartphone or tablet with a USB cord to enjoy games or travel. The joysticks at the ends of the handlebars let you jump into racing games and explore the world's greatest sites through the in-house 3D Virtual Reality Application or by connecting to Google Earth. The Moving Rider keeps track of pedal speed and applies it to games for a realistic experience. It's easy to set up, too. There are no external power sources or drivers to install. Just download a game and start playing! With a dashboard that displays time, speed, distance and calories burned, you can keep track of your progress and get a great workout. Don't wait any longer — explore the world, race cars and horses, and have fun while getting fit!
  • Interactive workout
  • Connects to computer, Android smartphone or tablet
  • Adjustable workout strength
Dimensions45.30 x 15.20 x 8.30 Inches

Moving Rider MRX-100 Upright Interactive Exercise Game Bike, Green

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