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Being crazy is just another choice in life. And Ellie Sherman had few choices. Control her past demons, face a relentless evil that was stalking her, or give into her primal urges and trust a rogue cop who may very well turn out to be a serial killer. Ellie's military history and the fact that people in contact with her seem to die off under suspicious circumstances keeps the police looking in her direction. In her defense, two friends become ensnared into Ellie's turmoil and danger. They discover just how fragile their own sanity becomes. The mine fields along the path of love, deception, murder and friendship are many. In the end... survival is key.
    Publication DateSeptember 3, 2014
    Primary CategoryFiction/Thrillers - Suspense
    Publisher ImprintLinda Rappoport

    Moving Targets Live Longer

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