The Classic Cuisine Induction Cooker is a compact, lightweight and easy to store product that is great for any home, RV, camper or dorm room. NO Flames, no gas, no heating elements. The induction cook top is hassle free, easy to use, portable and energy efficient.

Look for our logo on the packaging for every one of our products. Classic Cuisine is committed to providing the consumer with the absolute best price and value on our entire line of products, which we ensure by applying a rigorous Quality Control process.

  • BUILT IN SAFETY FEATURES - The Classic Cuisine Induction Cooker has two very important built in safety features. The cooktop will shut off if the pan has not been properly placed on the unit, or once the pan has been removed from the unit. We also included an easy to use built in safety lock. When engaged, the lock prohibits the unit from operating.
  • DIGITAL CONTROL PANEL WITH CONVENIENT PRE - PROGRAMMED COOK SETTINGS - There are 5 pre - programmed power settings for common cooking from boiling water to deep frying and several in between. The “stir - fry” setting allows you to control the temperature ranging from 60 - 240 degrees Celsius (140 - 460 degrees Fahrenheit) for the perfect cook temperature for every type of food. You can also choose from 10 power settings ranging from 200W - 1800W.
  • COMPATIBLE FOR MANY TYPES OF COOKWARE - The cookware you use with this product must be induction compatible. Many of your favorite pots and pans will work on an induction cook top. All pans with an induction bottom, cast iron, stainless steel with a magnetic bottom are induction cooker compatible. An easy test, if a magnet sticks to the bottom of your pan it will work on the Classic Cuisine Induction Cooker. Bon Appetite!
  • PRODUCT DETAILS - 1800Watts, 120 Volts, Temperature Range 60 - 240 degrees Celsius (140
  • 1800Watts, 120 Volts, Temperature Range 60 - 240 degrees Celsius (140- 460 degrees Fahrenheit)
  • 5 pre-prgrammed power settings for common cooking, Cookeware used must be induction compatible
Dimensions14 x 11.4 x 2.5 inches

Multi-Function 1800W Portable Induction Cooker Cooktop Burner – Black by Classic Cuisine

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