Allow fun, festive holiday spirit to become a part of any furry fourlegged friend's daily activities with the Multipet Multicrew Christmas Plush Monkey 17" . Whether being used as a soft, safe chew toy or an item for tossing and throwing, this brightly colored crew monkey will make a perfect toy and friend for all dogs. Crafted out of soft, shaggy, plush green and red material, this dog toy will not only brighten up any dog's toy collection, but is safe to use. The plush material will not fray or shed which can present a choking hazard to any pet owner's beloved pet. Shaggy, plush material is also easy to clean and sanitize in the event this plush toy gets extra dirty due to continuous play. Extralong arms and legs provide extra room for dogs to bite, catch, wrestle, or play with this soft, plush Christmas monkey. An enclosed noisemaking squeaker will produce a loud, attentiongrabbing noise that will help keep a dog's attention on the plush toy while playing. Benefits of this plush 17inch Christmas monkey include: Extralong arms and legs on plush monkey for extra room to catch, tug, or play Enclosed noisemaking squeaker attracts attention while not posing a danger to the health of the dog Soft, plush material is easy to clean and gentle enough for even all pets, even those with bountiful energy.
  • Enclosed noisemaking squeaker
  • Soft, plush material is easy to clean and gentle
Dimensions18 x 8 x 5.5 inches

Multipet Multicrew Christmas Plush Monkey 17"

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