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THE MUSIC Music is Medicine represents Zac Harmon's 'take' on the Blues. It is purposely and decidedly a portrayal of what he was feeling when he wrote and recorded the songs and with that, the listener is well rewarded. As a longtime, successful writer and producer, Zac is uniquely blessed with the ability to craft songs for others and after decades on duty, he certainly knows how to deliver for himself. This CD is a total experience in feeling good; from 'I'd Rather Be With You' to 'Talk to Me' to 'Joanna'. It takes you on a laid-back, rhythmic ride with 'Miss American Girl' and 'Drowning in Hollywood' and soothes your soul with 'Wounded', 'Grandma's Prayer' and 'I'm a Healer'. His guitar is represented well throughout the album, especially on 'Blue Pill Thrill', 'Country Boy' and 'Running from the Devil'. Zac's band mates, Corey Lacy, Cedric Goodman and Buthel lend vocals and playing. Other noted contributors include Sueann Carwell (vocals), Gregg Wright (guitar) and BR Millon (guitar), along with recording and production work from Christopher Troy, Corey Lacy, BR Millon and Matthew Harmon. Music is Medicine is undoubtedly Zac Harmon's best contribution to the genre and is a must-have for Zac Harmon fans, Blues lovers and those who simply appreciate exceptional music. THE ARTIST Born and raised in the heart of Jackson, Mississippi, Zac Harmon is a true disciple of the music that emanated from the city's historic Farish Street District, universally recognized as the home of such great Blues legends as Elmore James. While in high school and college, Harmon gigged as a guitarist for the likes of Z.Z. Hill, Dorothy Moore and Sam Myers. Relocating to L.A. in the early 80's, he worked as a studio musician; then established himself as a writer and producer, crafting songs for the likes of the O'Jays, Whisp
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Music Is Medicine

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