The Chinese chimes feature a familiar, major scale arrangement. The sounds of these chimes can be found throughout Chinese history. Many traditional Chinese instruments share this same tuning. This scale blends beautifully with the more complex Japanese and/or Balinese chimes. Music of the Spheres chimes are all handcrafted and are tuned to A440, which is a standard orchestral pitch. They are made of a tempered aluminum alloy tubing that will never rust. Each tube is coated with a sleek black corrosion-resistant finish that provides durability in all kinds of outdoor environments (acid rain, salt air, etc.). All components are made in the USA. on the Music of the Spheres Product Information link below to learn more about the materials, craftsmanship, and tuning process involved in the creation of this wind chime. Wind Chime Length: The length of a wind chime is measured by the overall length of the chime (not tube length)- hanging hook to the end of the sail. This windchime is 30, 40 or 50 inches overall. In 1989, Larry Roark started Music of the Spheres in his garage with a few hand tools and some galvanized steel tubing. Since then, the company has continued to grow both in sales and in square footage. Hand-made with the same attention to quality and detail as before, their melodious chimes have struck the correct chord with customers. One of the leading manufacturers of familiar and exotic wind chimes in the market today, Music of the Spheres remains dedicated to making their chimes look and sound their best. (MOS003-1)
  • Hand-crafted from tempered aluminum alloy tubing
  • Corrosion-resistant matte black finish
  • Hand-tuned to A440, standard orchestral pitch
  • Number of tubes: 6
  • Soprano range rings out familiar major scale
SizeSoprano (30 Inch)
ColorAs Shown
Finish ColorBlack
Dimensions30 x 8 x 30 inches

Music of the Spheres Chinese Soprano 30-inch Wind Chime

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Soprano (30 Inch)


As Shown

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