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Green Biscuit Training Hockey Pucks are designed to simulate the feel of real-ice hockey pucks. The Original Green Biscuit puck features a two piece design that is intended to absorb vibrations, making the puck glide on concrete, asphalt, and other surfaces similar to a real puck on ice. The ORIGINAL is intended for stick handling and passing skills and should not be used for shooting. The ORIGINAL weighs in at around 4.6 oz., slightly lighter in weight than a standard puck (6 oz). The lighter weight of the ORIGINAL ensures its movement simulates an ice puck when traveling across higher friction surfaces such as concrete, asphalt, etcetera. Roller Hockey players will also love the Green Biscuit Pucks as their travel more closely simulates play on indoor roller-hockey rinks.
  • For passing and stick handling practice only. Do not use for shooting practice
  • Helps develop confidence and improve the three primary stickhandling skills: one-touch passing, toe-drags, and saucer passes
  • Great for street, roller or recreational hockey and off-ice training
  • Ideal for beginners up to pros
  • Plays on the street like a real puck on ice!

NEW Green Biscuit Hockey Passing Training Puck

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