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Applications: Subaru Car RX H4 1.8L 1781cc 1985Subaru Car RX H4 1.8L 1781cc 1986Subaru Car RX H4 1.8L 1781cc 1987Subaru Car RX H4 1.8L 1781cc 1988Subaru Car RX H4 1.8L 1781cc 1989Specifications: TYPE: RectifierB+ TERM: M5 X 0.8 POSTDIODE AMP: 25LENGTH MTG HOLES: 69OUTPUT STRAP: 53Notes: -With diode trio-With 8.2mm offset regulator strapReplaces these part numbers: Hitachi: L150-13206, L160-6320Isuzu: 5812620060Nissan, Infiniti: 23230-20W00, 23230-W7101Subaru: 49534-7601OEM UNIT NUMBERSHitachi: GD105700-D, GD207976-A, LR150-125, LR150-125B, LR150-163, LR150-165, LR150-177, LR150-94B, LR150-98, LR150-98B, LR150-99, LR150-99B, LR155-23, LR155-25, LR160-121, LR160-124, LR160-137, LR160-137, LR160-138, LR160-166, LR160-36, LR160-78, LR160-78B, LR160-78C, LR165-03, LR235-65P, LR235-65S, LR235-69Hyster: 1360815, 3068340, 3122810Isuzu: 5812003470Nissan, Infiniti: 23100-04M00, 23100-10W00, 23100-10W01, 23100-37M00, 23100-95013, 23100-95013X, 23100-M5960, 23100-M5961, 23100-M6600, 23100-M6601, 23100-N8500, 23100-W5802, 23100-W5803, 23100-W5805, 23100-W5806, 23100-W5807, 23100-Z5560Subaru: 23700-AA000, 23700-AA020, 23700-AA020, 23700-AA160, 42990-7600, 42990-7800Valeo: 436505, 436505, 436506, 436518, 436518, 436518, 436551
  • High quality part that meets or exceeds OEM specifications
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NEW Rectifier For Subaru RX H4 1.8L 1985 1986 1987 1988 1989 LR150-163 LR150-165

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