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Give your pets and livestock some much needed love and care. With the Ranch Hand Pet Soap from Amish Farms you can give small and large animals a deep clean. Our soap is formulated with natural ingredients that effectively remove toxins and impurities from hair and skin. A multifunctional burlap pouch with handles makes giving horses, cattle, dogs and other farm animals a good clean easy. Bathing your pets has never been easier! BENEFITS AND FEATURES: • Made in USA• 11oz Bars• Natural Ingredients• Burlap Pouch Acts as a Washcloth and Scrubber• Machine Washable Pouch• Flea and Tick Control• Coffee Exfoliates Dry Skin• Bentonite Clay Promotes Healthy Skin and Hair• Convenient Handles and Straps• Gentle on Sensitive Skin BURLAP POUCH WASH CLOTH The best part about our soap is its convenient machine washable pouch. Every pouch is made from recycled burlap bags. It functions as a wash cloth and scrubber that penetrates thick fur to deeply cleanse skin and pores. Just place the bar of soap in the pouch and add water, the durable material creates a rich exfoliating lather. With two convenient handles, one on the pouch for your hand and one strap for your wrist, you can easily scrub and control or soothe your animal with the other hand. Don’t fuss with too many products, this is an all-in-one solution that makes giving your ranch animals a bath a breeze! NOURISHING AND EXFOLIATING With 100% natural ingredients our pet shampoo is safe and free of harmful chemicals. Nutrient rich ingredients like bentonite clay gently and thoroughly remove toxins and impurities. Bentonite clay also helps get rid of parasites. We also add a safe and natural flea and tick repellent to protect your animal’s coat and repel pesky insects. Recycled coffee grounds are added to help exfoliate skin making it smoother and softer. Our soap is manufactured and packaged in the USA with love and care!
  • MULTI-FUNCTIONAL POUCH: The burlap pouch conveniently works as a wash cloth and scrub brush to give large and small animals a deep clean. With 2 straps you can easily control or soothe your animals.
  • SOFTER SKIN AND HAIR: Promote healthy hair and skin as you exfoliate dry skin. Our unique formula uses recycled coffee grounds to gently exfoliate the skin and bentonite clay to nourish thick fur.
  • MADE IN USA: Our quality bar soap is manufactured and packaged in the USA with especially made machinery. Use it to thoroughly bathe dogs, horses, cows, donkeys, goats and other livestock.
  • LASTS LONGER: Don’t waste your money on expensive pet care products. Our cleansing soap lasts 5 times longer than a normal bar of soap and 20 times longer than a bottle of pricey shampoo!
  • ALL NATURAL: We use a safe flea and tick killer to protect your animals. Our soap is made with natural nutrient rich ingredients that help remove toxins, dirt and impurities like bentonite clay and coffee.

Natural Pet and Animal Soap - Burlap Pouch Acts as Scrub Brush – For Dogs, Cats, Horses and More - Exfoliating Formula for Healthy Hair and Skin – 11oz Bar - Ranch Hand By Amish Farms

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