Note:The light is Not included.
The item does NOT fit 7" reflectors for Alien Bee/White Lightning monolights,ONLY fit for Bowens 7" Standard Reflector Diffuser.
The diameter is approx 6.5"-6.89"/16.5-17.5cm.
It alter the shape and intensity of the light output from your flash heads.
Helps you control your light more precisely: this honeycomb grid, which will fit standard 7" grid reflector,gives you a very narrow 20° 40° 60° beam of light, perfect for an accent light or spot.
The grid offers slightly increased contrast, directionality and spill light control. It's an ideal tool for achieving Rembrandt-like lighting effects.
Give precision control to your lights,this will allow the user to aggressively manipulate light-throw at angles of 20° 40° 60°.
The size of the circle of light will be determined by the density of the honeycomb, its thickness, and the distance of the subject.
Suitable range: portrait, art, wedding studio, pets, flowers, stationary goods, etc...
Material:Aluminum Alloy
Thickness: about 0.5"/13mm
Diameter: 6.5"-6.89"/16.5-17.5cm (For 7" Standard Reflector Dish)
Net weight: 160g
Package Including:
1 x 20 Degree Honeycomb Grid
1 x 40 Degree Honeycomb Grid
1 x 60 Degree Honeycomb Grid
1 x 7" Standard Reflector for Bowens Mount
  • 7"/18cm standard reflector with 20/40/60 degree honeycomb grid for bowens mount studio light strobe.
  • Reflector Dish for Bowens Mount Studio Light Strobe.
  • The reflector directs all the strobe light output onto the set.
  • The grid provide a 20/40/60 degree beam spread.
  • Note: Flash and Metal Bracket are NOT included

Neewer 7inch/ 18cm Standard Reflector Diffuser with 20/40/60 Degree Honeycomb Grid for Bowens Mount Studio Light Strobe Flash


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