You can have quality, fresh-ground coffee with the CR-1010-PR Nesco Deluxe Pro Coffee Bean Roaster. Create your own signature coffee from a blend of beans with this fine roaster.Nesco's Patented Catalytic Converter is the beginning of a new era in coffee history and a major step in the return of delicious tasting coffee to your home. Roast up to 1/3 pound of beans in only 20 to 30 minutes - enough for 36 cups of coffee! Enjoy the rich gourmet flavor of specialty coffees in your own home with the Nesco Deluxe Pro Coffee Bean Roaster. First debuting in the 1930's in Milwaukee Wisconsin, Nesco made a name for itself with the Nesco Roaster. Electricity had just made its way to Wisconsin, and when a couple engineers started experimenting, the idea of the portable oven was born. Nesco eventually joined efforts with the utility company, going from farm to farm throughout Wisconsin selling not only electric service, but the new Nesco Roaster Oven as well. The product went through several upgrades and revisions over the years, eventually being sold throughout the United States and Canada. Since then, Nesco has moved on to other small kitchen appliances like food dehydrators, meat grinders, and slicers. (MWC035-1)
  • Create your own signature blend of coffee with a professional roaster
  • Roast up to 1/3 pound of beans in only 20 to 30 minutes
  • Advanced patented catalytic technology reduces smoke and odor
  • 800 watts of power
SizeOne Size
Dimensions13 x 9 x 12 inches

Nesco Deluxe Pro Coffee Bean Roaster-800 W


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