This starter fits the following: 2002 FORD EXPLORER 4.0L(245) V6 Replaces: DENSO FIRST TIME FIT 280-5124 FORD 4R3T-11000-AA, 4R3T-11000-AB, 4R3Z-11002-AA, F89U-11000-BA, F89U-11000-BB, F89Z-11002-BA, 5L2T-11000-AA, 5L2Z-11002-AA, 6L2T-11000-CA, 6L2Z-11002-C, 6L2T-11000-AA, 6L2Z-11002-AA, 7R3Z-11002-A FORD ENGINEERING 4R3T-AA, 4R3T-AB, F89U-BA, F89U-BB, 5L2T-AA, 6L2T-CA MAZDA 1F82-18-400, ZZP2-18-400, ZZP2-18-400A MOTORCRAFT SA-860, SA-930, SA-942, SA-945, SA-962, SA-972 OEM(s):Mazda, Ford Type:PMGR Voltage:12 Volts Rotation:CW Teeth/Splines:10 Teeth/Splines Pinion/Splines OD:27.7mm / 1.091in Mounting Hole 1:11.0mm ID Unthreaded Mounting Hole 2:11.0mm ID Unthreaded Approximate Weight:8.4 lbs / 3.82 kg
  • High quality part that meets or exceeds OEM specifications
  • Discount Starter and Alternator

New Starter 2002 FORD EXPLORER 4.0L V6

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