Nicholson® Rectangular Machinists Handy Files One side is single-cut for use in tool sharpening and smoothing metal surfaces, reverse side is double-cut for general filing and rapid stock removal. 1 cut edge, 1 safe edge. Length measured exclusive of handle Pack of 1
  • Rectangular shape for smoothing and shaping straight surfaces
  • American pattern file for non-precision material removal
  • Double-cut teeth on one side for rapid removal of material
  • Single-cut teeth on the reverse side for finishing, sharpening, and deburring
  • Forged handle for grip Nicholson 8" handy file American pattern handy file is dual sided One side is for sharpening and smoothing while opposite side is for filing and rapid stock removal
Dimensions16 x 3 x 1 inches

8" Handy Cdd


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