Flat File, American Pattern, Profile Shape Rectangular, Cut Type Bastard/Double, Length 4 In., Natural, Width 15/32 In., Thickness 31/32 In., Single Cut Edges, Handle Design Tang, For Machinists, Builders and Repairmen who Requires Fast Removal of Metal
  • Rectangular shape for smoothing and shaping straight surfaces, with tapered width to ease access in slots
  • American pattern file for non-precision material removal
  • Double-cut teeth on both sides for rapid removal of material
  • Single-cut teeth on both edges for finishing, sharpening, and deburring
  • Tang for use with an optional handle (sold separately)
Size03367N, 4 inches, [ N/A ] inches
ColorAs Shown
Dimensions1 x 0.2 x 0.2 inches

Nicholson Natural Flat File


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