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"There???s coffee and then there???s Ninja coffee. This isn???t coffee as you know it. This is coffee as you want it. Ninja???s patent-pending brewing technology is designed to deliver better, richer-tasting coffee with variable richness levels that are never bitter. Only the Ninja Coffee Brewer has Thermal Flavor Extraction Technology, which truly unlocks the full flavor potential of your coffee. CHOOSE A SIZE ??? Brew directly into your favorite cup or travel mug, or make a half carafe or full carafe. CHOOSE A BREW ??? At the touch of the brew button, dial up flavor richness, from Classic Brew to Rich Brew to Over Ice Brew, in the size you want. Auto-iQ One-Touch Intelligence draws just the right amount of water needed from the reservoir, based on the brew size and brew type you select."
  • Choose a Size: Cup, Travel Mug, Half Carafe, or Full Carafe.
  • Choose a Brew:  Classic, Rich, or Over Ice
  • Pod-Free Single Serve
  • Thermal Flavor Extraction Technology
  • Auto-iQ One-Touch Intelligence

Ninja Coffeemaker System Black, CF020


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