RPM Switch NX RPM Activated Window Switch; FEATURES: NX RPM Activated Window Switch Control Nitrous Flow With Adjustable RPM And TPS Values Quickly Change Settings Without A Laptop The NX Digital RPM Window Switch keeps the nitrous from activating at low RPMs and shuts off the nitrous before you over rev and/or hit a rev limiter. This new Digital design allows you to set high and low RPMs quickly and easily without changing pills or chips. Wow, how do I start to tell the world why NX is different and better than any other company? Lets start with the NX philosophy: All components must be of the highest quality, no off shore junk; 99% of NX products are produced and assembled in the USA; All NX components and systems must be tested and proven before they are shipped to any customers; All horsepower claims must be accurate and dyno proven at the wheel! NX copies no one; we lead the industry in technology and innovation; Never be satisfied with the status quo; Always give the customer more than he expects!
  • Nitrous Express18959NX RPM Activated Window Switch;
  • 18959
  • Nitrous Express
Dimensions3 x 2 x 7 inches

Nitrous Express 18959 NX RPM Activated Window Switch

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