Norton Metalite R228 durable, cotton-backed belts are suitable for maintenance and repair operations where cutting action is more important that backing conformability, for example when sanding burrs off a flat or mildly curved surface.

Coated abrasives have individual abrasive grains spaced at a predetermined distance from one another. This is a closed-coat belt. A closed coat covers 100 percent of the surface with abrasive grains, for more stiffness and better surface finish than an equivalent open coat, where abrasive grit covers 50 to 70 percent of the surface. The cloth backing is stiffer, tougher, and thicker than a paper backing. Cloth resists tearing while bending and flexing during use. This belt features a resin bond. Resin bonds have good moisture resistance, are harder and less flexible than glue bonds, and have good heat resistance and grain retention. Resin bonds are useful for abrasive operations with high operating speeds, impact, and sudden loading, as the resin bond is strong.

Aluminum oxide is a widely used and versatile abrasive material. It is a tough, fracture- and wear-resistant grit that works well with a broad range of materials, from metals to wood. Aluminum oxide is more durable than silicon carbide and often used for material removal and finishing.

Abrasives are used for a variety of applications from shaping a part to fine finishing, depending on the grit size. Low grit numbers like 40 are coarse and are used for removing excess material and shaping a part. High grit numbers like 400 are fine and help to create a smooth surface finish.

Norton Abrasives manufactures a wide variety of sanding, grinding, and polishing abrasives, and has been located in the United States since 1885. In 1990, Saint-Gobain purchased Norton, keeping its manufacturing facilities and offices in the same location. Norton/Saint-Gobain has been recognized as a Global 100 Sustainable Company, as well as earning ISO 9000 and 14001 certification for quality and environmental management standards.

  • Aluminum oxide is durable and the most common abrasive grain
  • Heavy cotton backing is resistant to heat, durable, and flexible, for use on contours or flat surfaces
  • Use this belt on a wide range of metalworking and maintenance and repair operations
  • Benchstand belts are used with benchstand belt grinders
  • A light-bodied grease applied to the belt surface will reduce loading when grinding soft nonferrous metals, such as aluminum and brass
Size12 Inches

Norton Metalite R228 Benchstand Abrasive Belt, Cotton Backing, Aluminum Oxide, 4" Width, 54" Length, Grit 50 (Pack of 10)


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