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Bear-Tex hand pads are made from extremely strong, non-woven, nylon fiber webs which are coated with abrasive grain, then bonded with a synthetic resin. The unique manufacturing process produces uniform dispersion of abrasive grain throughout the webs for consistent results. Tough and resilient, Bear-Tex hand pads resist snagging or tearing and will not splinter. The flexible action of the unique web construction produces consistent, uniform contact with the work surface and prevents cutting or gouging of the work piece. Bear-Tex hand pads can be used either wet or dry. Additionally, since they are made with nylon, they do not rust, oxidize or cause metal contamination.

  • Box - 20
  • Color - Maroon
  • Type - Metal Blend
  • Item Weight - 2.5 lbs.
    ColorAs Shown

    Norton NR58000 Scuff and Clean Pad (Pack of 20)


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