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This volume encompasses three chapters from my personal study notes which covers all courses and notes in my study of Nuclear Engineering, from high school throughout my post-doctorate associateship. CHAPTER 14: ARTIFICIAL TRANSMUTATION TECHNIQUE FOR PRODUCING SUITABLE AGENTS OF TRANSMUTATION VAN DE GRAAFF ELECTROSTATIC HIGH TENSION GENERATOR COCKCROFT AND WALTON TENSION MULTIPLIER RESONANCE ACCELERATOR-CYCLOTRON MORE POWERFUL PARTICLE-ACCELERATING MACHINES METHOD OF SCINTILLATIONS METHOD OF CHEMICAL SEPARATIONS MAGNETIC SPECTROGRAPH METHOD IONIZATION CHAMBER METHOD COUNTER METHOD CLOUD CHAMBER METHOD PHOTOGRAPHIC EMULSION METHOD CERTAIN PROMINENT TYPES OF NUCLEAR REACTIONS 1. THE NEUTRON 2. ARTIFICIAL OR INDUCED RADIOACTIVITY 3. NUCLEAR FISSION THE REACTOR OR PILE THE ATOM BOMB (1) Source of stellar energy (2) The hydrogen bomb (3) The rigged H-bomb (4) Controlled thermonuclear reaction CHAPTER 15: COSMIC RAYS A. The cosmic ray ionization chamber B. The coincidence counters C. The scintillation counters D. The counter controlled cloud chamber E. The photographic emulsion method F. The bubble chamber method 7. THE ABSORPTION OF COSMIC RAYS IN MATTER 8. MEASUREMENT OF THE ENERGY OF COSMIC RAYS 9. THE POSITRON 10- THE MESOTRON 11. COSMIC RAY SHOWERS 12. HEAVY PARTICLE COMPONENTS OF COSMIC RADIATION A. Primary cosmic rays B. Secondary cosmic rays C. Cosmic ray stars 13. NATURE AND COMPOSITION OF COSMIC RADIATION 14. ORIGIN OF COSMIC RAYS CHAPTER 16: STRUCTURE AND PROPERTIES OF THE NUCLEUS 1. STRUCTURE OF NUCLEI A. Theories of nuclear composition (a) The proton-electron theory (b) The proton-neutron theory (c) The neutron-positron theory (d) The negative proton-neutron theory A. NUCLEAR METHODS B. ELECTRIC METHODS 3. NUCLEAR MASS 4. NUCLEAR CHARGE 5. NUCLEAR QUANTUM STATES 6. NUCLEAR STATISTICS 7. NUCLEAR SPIN AND MAGNETIC MOMENT (i) ANALYSIS OF THE HYPERFINE STRUCTURE IN ATOMIC SPECTRA (a) Counting the number of hyperfine components (b) Measuring the relative separations of the members of a state cluster (c) Measuring the relative intensities of the components of the hyperfine pattern (d) Counting the number of hyperfine components in Zeeman effect (ii) METHOD OF ALTERNATING INTENSITIES IN BAND SPECTRA (iii) MAGNETIC DEFLECTION OF MOLECULAR AND ATOMIC BEAMS (iv) STUDY OF MAGNETIC RESONANCE RADIO FREQUENCY SPECTRA (v) ANALYSIS OF MICROWAVE SPECTRA BIBLIOGRAPHY
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Nuclear Physics: Personal Study Notes: Atomic, Molecular, And Nuclear Physics

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