Give your dog a chewing option that will keep him busy and satisfied with this Nylabone Power Chew. This toy is a femur alternative that is grease free with a flavor throughout the whole bone. These Nylabone dog chew toys are flavored with a delicious beef taste and are long lasting, giving your pet something to keep him occupied while you're away from home. This item has been specifically made for powerful jaws and is available in a variety of different sizes. These extra-large dog chew toys won't splinter or stain your fabric or carpet, and you won't even smell it when it is around as it does not have an odor. These toys are safer and cleaner than a real bone, and they will help to keep your pet's teeth and gums healthy and clean. Keep plaque and tarter buildup away with this bone while preventing your dog from engaging in destructive chewing habits.
  • Safer alternative to real bones
  • Natural bone shape
  • No mess, no staining

Nylabone Essentials Nature Inspired Power Dog Chew Femur, Extra Large


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