This long-lasting and grease-free chew toy is a cleaner and safer alternative to real rawhide. Built strong with delicious flavor throughout to satisfy the most powerful chewers, it discourages destructive chewing while engaging and entertaining your dog. Made with artificial chicken flavor and non-animal ingredients, Nylabone Power Chew Rawhide Roll is a long-lasting chew toy designed for powerful chewers. This rawhide roll is a safer and cleaner alternative to real rawhide. It's packed with flavor throughout to satisfy your dog???s natural urge to chew without the mess or smell. Recommended by veterinarians, Nylabone manufactures chew toys and edible chews in many styles and sizes, so there is a Nylabone chew toy or edible chew for every dog. Just pick the one that best fits your dog's size and help your dog live fuller and happier.

  • Nylabone Power Chew Rawhide Roll Dog Toy, Chicken Flavor, X-Large:Artificial Chicken flavor
  • Rawhide alternative
  • Made with non-animal ingredients
  • No mess
  • Indulges instinct to chew

Nylabone Power Chew Rawhide Roll Dog Toy, Chicken Flavor, X-Large


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