Darren is a artist able to walk in spontaneity and vibrance. He has performed though out the United States, including such venues as San Diego, Seattle, Hartford Connecticut as well as across the midwest. The heart of his music draws one to a quiet rest at the end of a hard day... soothing the spirit and relaxing the soul, interpreting healing words into healing music. His often spoke quote: quot;It;s not how many notes you play at one time, it;s what you do with each note,quot; exemplifies the depth of Darren;s philosophy about his music. Darren says, quot;I was given this gift is to help heal the heart.quot; His music brings an awareness of our connection to the past, drawing the past and the present into one complete song of life. When choosing music for the soul, one could do no better than to choose the quiet that Darren;s music brings. While in the house yet, he noticed the flute on display, he then grabbed it and decided to check it out. In those early morning hours, birds were starting to chirp n; sing. Beavers swimming near by, fish jumping out ot the water, and ducks swimming nearby. He then made his offering and prayed thanking the creator for everything that is dear to him and for others to be healed or helped out in ways that are needed. At that moment, Darren had heard singing coming from nowhere only to find himself closing his eyes and listening to the distant sounds. Honing in by listening, he had found himself looking out into the middle of the lake. He soon recognized that the errie sounds were coming from a loon. Shortly after that he had picked up the flute, realizing the possibility of mimmicking the loon. It was then his world would turn in to a whole new direction, as he began to play his flute, he had closed his eyes and suddenly he felt as if his spirit had left him passing thru the barrel of the flute for the entire duration of this song. ;It was more of an awakening;, as he describes, he now knew the term of becoming one with our mother earth along with all the four legged animals, our feathered friends and the fish. They all seemed to understand one another, including himself. For only a moment, he seen through his very eyes what the spirit world must look like, absolutely beautiful! As the water temprature rises, the fog begins to clear, Darren then returns to the house wondering what had just happened. Later that week, he had spoke of this experience to one of his elders. A week had passed, one particular elder had told him that he sat up all night not knowing what was to come, that this was a gift he was about to recieve from the spirits, a gift his late step-father mentioned to him 5 years earlier before his unexpected illness took his life, in 1986. So for this to happen, he dedicates this story to Ed A. Bearheart Sr. Both of them share the same given Indian name ;Ogemabenez; (O-Gee-Mah-Bay-Nes) which means ;KingEagle;.
  • Ogemabenez - Spirits Moment [CD]
Publication Date20050301
Publisher ImprintAudio & Video Labs, Inc

Spirits Moment

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