From the bestselling author of Oh, Yuck! and Oh, Yikes!, with over 1.25 million copies in print, here is an A-Z compendium of hands-on grossness.
Featuring 114 interactive experiments and ick-tivities, Oh, Ick! delves into the science behind everything disgusting.
Stage an Ooze Olympics to demonstrate viscosity and the nature of slime. Observe how fungi grow by making a Mold Zoo. Embark on an Insect Safari to get to know the creepy crawlies around your home. And learn what causes that embarrassing acne on your face by baking a Pimple Cake to pop--and eat. Eww!

  • ISBN13: 9780761187387
  • Publisher: Workman Publishing
  • Pubilcation Year: 2016
  • Format: Paperback
  • Pages: 00288
Publication DateNovember 1, 2016
Primary CategoryJuvenile Nonfiction/Science & Nature - Experiments & Projects

Oh, Ick!: 114 Science Experiments Guaranteed to Gross You Out!

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