On Top of My Game expresses the type of woman that I'm looking for, and to get her, I feel like I have to be on top of my game. The type of woman that I would one day call my wife and raise a family with. Someone who I envision I will spend my life with and grow with. This book is a lot of me in many different ways, including being romantic, passionate, supportive, with God in the relationship, and going for the best while being the best.

It talks about finding that perfect woman and being that perfect man for her. Doing what I need to do when the time comes. I feel like I need to constantly make myself better as I know she is doing the same. The thing is will I recognize her if she crossed my path, and will I have the state of mind to tell her that I am what she is looking for?

In one of my poems, I talked about making myself ready not only for her but for myself. Praying and having faith will help me where I need to be. God already introduced me to what I'm looking for, so I know what to do in order for me not be derailed from my path. It's a must for me to stay on top of my game. This book is all me... all authentic.

  • ISBN13: 9781466910027
  • Publisher: Trafford Publishing
  • Pubilcation Year: 2012
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Pages: 00096
Publication DateFebruary 2, 2012
Primary CategoryPoetry/General
Publisher ImprintTrafford Publishing

On Top of My Game: Real and Powerful

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