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Orb-3 TMOC (Trace Mineral Organic Catalyst) naturally fills in what is missing in a water body and fortifies water of any scale. Organisms in water are lacking the micronutrients that are essential for productive microbial growth. This invaluable blend is derived from nature and is now one convenient product that will energize an otherwise average water body.

Orb-3 TMOC performs a basic revitalization without any detrimental drop in pH leaving water polished. By integrating Orb-3 Lake & Pond TMOC into your water treatment program, you can achieve brilliant results.

  • Use within 12 months
  • As a Trace Mineral - 4 tbsp per 500 gal weekly or 2 lbs per acre foot. Sludge Reduction - 150 lbs per surface acre. Water Clarity - 30 lbs per acre foot. Alkaline Buffer - For each 0.6ppm of desired increase, dose 3 lbs per acre foot. Phosphorus Reduction - For each 0.3ppm of desired reduction, dose 3 lbs per acre foot. Ammonia Reduction - For each 0.1ppm of desired reduction, dose 4 lbs per acre foot
To Use:
  • Dilute recommended dose with 1 gallon of pond water to make a slurry. Keep agitated while dispersing product evenly over pond surface. For water gardens, manually apply or use a sprayer. For larger ponds, use a trash & diaphram pump or slowly dispense dry product into prop wash of boat motor or at rear gunnel of boat while moving
For Best Results:
  • Apply when ambient temperature is 50°-90° F; dissolved oxygen level is over 1.0ppm; pH is 6 - 8; alkalinity is less than 100ppm. Proper aeration and more dilution upon application will enhance product performance
  • Country of Origin: USA
  • Dimension: 3.75" H x 3.
  • Supplements missing trace minerals for enhanced microbial activity
  • Improves overall fish and plant health
  • Polishes water for increased clarity
  • Safe water support product
  • Ideal for both ponds and water gardens
Size1-Pound Canister
ColorAs Shown

Orb-3 W331-000-1No.CanS 1 lbs Trace Mineral Organic Catalyst Canister for Ponds


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