ltpgtour newest wireless rain gauge with outdoor temperature and ten day memory is our favorite rain gauge. having your very own rain gauge can be a fun and exciting way for you and your family to get involved with weather instruments. rain gauges can also provide useful information to many outdoor enthusiasts. sit back and enjoy the rain and check it weekly to find out if your lawn or garden needs additional watering. the benefits of a wireless rain gauge to derive the best results from a rain gauge proper placement is crucial. choose an open space that isnt blocked by trees walls or buildings to place the gauge. to gain an accurate picture of the precipitation that has fallen read and record the measurements each day at approximately the same time. at the end of each week determine the amount of precipitation that has fallen by adding the daily totals. simply put know how much water youre using to water you lawn or garden. horticulturists love to measure the precipitation in and out of a green house. used as an invaluable tool to help farmers and landowners measure moisture. this is a great rain gauge for home owners farmers greenskeepers schools industries contractors airports orchardists hobbyists citrus growers conservationists truck gardeners government agencies water departments highway departments agriculture and horticulturists. extremely accurate measurements increments of .04 inch will allow you to know precisely how much water you are putting down. avoid getting wet to monitor rainfall with the included wireless display unit. data is transmitted from a football field away wireless transmission range up to 300 feet from pcr800 wireless self emptying rain collector up to 100 feet from remote wireless thn802 wireless temperature sensor all accessories included plus three aa batteries. replace batteries every 12 months use lithium aa batteries for longer battery life and for temperatures that reach minus 22f or below. daily rainfall and cumulative rainfall history is stored over the past nine days on the main display unit for easy reference. this feature is cool. set your high daily rainfall alarm so you know when to turn off the irrigation sprinkler for controlled watering. the four line display of the main unit lets you see at a glance the time outdoor temperature rain today and collected rainfall total. bonus is that it compliments any garden or yard dcor. did you know plants need 1 1.5 of water per week. deep infrequent waterings are better than several light waterings. deep roots require less supplemental irrigation. taller plants have deeper roots. irrigation decisions are based on the soil water content. this oregon scientific rgr126n is the perfect tool for the monitoring of moisture. the rain gauge does so much more that we give it credit for. enjoyltpgt
  • Monitor outdoor temperature and rainfall amounts from inside
  • Rain collector empties after measuring collected rainfall
  • Wireless transmission up to 300 ft. (rain gauge) and 100 ft. (temperature sensor)
  • Remembers up to 10 days of previous rainfall amounts
  • Also displays digital clock
ColorAs Shown, White
Dimensions13.25L x 9W x 5.5H in., 3.5 x 5.6 x 1 inches
Weight1.7 lbs.

oregon scientific wireless rain gauge weather station with remote sensor temperature readings

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