The gorgeous open face of the Osprey Barometer/Thermometer makes weather assessment easy. Perched on a sumptuous cherry wood base, the French precision barometer is lined with solid, tarnish-proof brass. The color of brass, deepened by the rich wood, is an ideal border to the warm white face and classic black script. The center-most section of the face is cut away for a peek at the intricate internal mechanisms. The barometer scale runs along the top of the piece, while the thermometer is placed below and indicates both Fahrenheit and Celsius temperatures. Barometric Pressure Temperature Beautiful design and rich materials make a great tool lovely art. (BYB175-1)
  • Beautiful design and rich materials
  • Cherry wood frame
  • Measures barometric pressure as well as temperature
  • Dimensions: 5D inches, 5-inch diam.
Dimensions5D in., 6 x 6 x 6 inches
Size5 diam. in.

Osprey Barometer and Thermometer


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5.35 x 1.75