The IQ Treat Bal features an insert that allows you to adjust the difficulty, determining how hard your dog has to work to get treats out of the ball Smarter toys equal smarter dogs. Smarter toys make dogs work for their food which provides healthy mental and physical stimulation. There are three difficulty levels see if your dog can be a genius Atomic Treat Balls = Smart IQ Treat Balls = Brilliant Buster Food Cubes = Genius
  • Smart Toy Learning Level: Brilliant
  • Challenges and stimulates your dog's intellect
  • Eliminates boredom and related negative behaviors like destructive chewing
  • Encourages physical activity and interactive play
  • An excellent choice for portion controlled feeding
ColorAs Shown
Dimensions4.4 x 4 x 4 inches

OurPet's 5" IQ Treat Ball

Our Pet's

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