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Ashley Nirran is thirteen when her parents announce they are moving from Boston, Massachusetts to Tulsa, Oklahoma. When her mother sets up her storefront down the street from her Aunt Patricia's strange curiosity shop, things start to go from bad to weird. Ashley finds that she can perform new tricks. She can slide things into her hands just by looking at them. She can hear thoughts and see the past through her dreams. She can even start fires. Ashley has a feeling that a painting of her ancestor Eva Glass, a girl famously burned at the stake for witchcraft, might be the cause of all the strange happenings.

It's not until she meets Domino Chavez, a handsome soccer player from down Brady Street, that she realizes her family may have set something in motion long ago. Ashley learns from Domino that the Fire Ghost, a dark shadow phantom, can be found prowling the halls of the Phillips Museum on Brady. Soon, Ashley and Domino find themselves in a fight not only to save their downtown homes, but to stay alive. Will they unravel the mystery of the Fire Ghost? Or will they be doomed to share Eva's fiery grave...

    SeriesPhantom Elements
    Series Volume Number2
    Publication DateFebruary 6, 2017

    Out of the Fire

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