Audio Mixer: Billy Pavone.
Photographer: Matt Hawkes.
Once known for their incorporation of fusion, O'Death discards their overflowing bag of influences and concentrates strictly on rustic folk for their their 2011 album Outside. With any hints of gypsy-punk swept aside, the pace is down-shifted as the five-piece sticks to rural, minor chord banjo ballads with sweeping arrangements. There is nothing in the fiery spirit of "Low Tide," but there are some dynamic moments where songs like "Pushing Out" or "Look at the Sun" crescendo almost to a majestic rock-out. However, most of the album is more in a mellow Americana/alt-rock style that favors bluegrass instruments, and lush orchestration. This makes O'Death stand out much less, considering the expanding scene of like-sounding chamber pop groups toting ukuleles and fiddles, but the dreary, ominous current paired with Greg Jamie's wavering voice and sinister lyrics make this music more tense than that of the typical adult alternative band, even if they are heading in a mature direction. ~ Jason Lymangrover
  • Artist: O'DEATH
  • genre: Popular Music
  • product type: Compact Disc
  • Release Date: 20-SEP-2011
  • Returns Accepted?: Yes
GenrePopular Music
FormatAudio CD
Publication Date20110419



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