OxGord Pet Toy, Ball Launcher, Large, Blue

Give your dog more exercise with this convenient and easy to use ball thrower. No need to worry about your shoulder tiring out before your dog does, these throwers can launch the ball over 3 times farther than you normally can, with less effort! You won't have to pick up a dirty slobber covered ball anymore, as the thrower works to pick the ball up too. Available in 19" and 27" sizes for all sizes of dogs, yards, and parks.


  • 27" Long for maximum throw distance
  • 2.7" Holder Diameter, fits standard tennis ball
  • Hands Free Pick Up
  • Made with safe material healthy for you and pet


  • Large or Medium Launcher
  • Ball


  • Weight (oz): 5.6
  • Large Dimensions: 27" Long, Ball Holder 2.7" Diameter
  • Medium Dimensions: 19" Long, Ball Holder 2.7" Diameter
  • Color: Blue
  • Material: Plastic
  • 2.7" Holder Diameter, Fits Standard Tennis Ball
  • Hands Free Pick Up - No More Slobber!
  • Throw the ball further than you thought possible
  • Get your pet the exercise they want an need in less time
  • Easy to throw for people who lack mobility in their arms/shoulders

Oxgord Dog Ball Launcher Tennis Ball Toy Thrower Stick - Good for Small to Large Pets


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Large 27"