Vet's Best Extra Large OXY ACTION Floor Protection Pads absorb liquid and odors to help you potty train your pet. These pads feature sixlayers and a tearresistant exterior to ensure that no leaks pass through these absorbent pads. The Pads also feature a unique technology that reveals the pH of your pet's urine to indicate warning signs that warrant further examination from a veterinarian. Vet's Best Extra Large OXY ACTION Floor Protection Pads measure 26 inches by 30 inches to cover a wide surface area, but smaller, square 22inch pads are also available. This package comes with 50 of these large pads to ensure that you have plenty to train your pet and ensure that they're in good health. Order these USAmade pee pads for your pup today Key Features: 6layer pad for leakproof protection Reveals pH to indicate warning signs of potentially dangerous health conditions Pads measure 26" x 30"
  • Vet's Best XL Oxy Action Floor Protection Training Pads for Dogs offer superior leakproof protection; 60% larger than standard training pads
  • Oxy Action dog pee pads have a 6-layer construction with tear-resistant top sheet, quick-drying core (super-absorbent polymer), and leakproof backing
  • Designed with Oxy to elminate odors and pH Check* that helps to measure the pH level of your dog's urine, aiding in early discovery of canine illness
  • Dog training pads are 26 inches x 30 inches and fit most standard training pad holders
  • Vet's Best makes dog and puppy potty training simple and easy; contains 50 extra large training pads per pack
Dimensions9.5 x 14.2 x 9 inches

Oxy Action Floor Pads Bramton Company

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