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Fits / Compatible with Models:
AT and T: 200, 250, 4126, 450, 740, 750
At-t/Lucent: 401, BT24
Bell Phone: 32001, 32011
Cobra: CP-2055A, CP-2058A, CP-250S, CP-310SA, CP-320SA, CP-355S, CP-9105, CP-9125, CP-9135
GE: GES-PCF02, GES-PCM02, TL26154, TL96154
Memorex: MPH6950
Muraphone: HHRP501, HHRP505, KXFPG175, KXFPG176, KXT210, KXT2105
Northwest Bell: EXCURSIon32011
Panasonic: CP320SA, HHR-P505, HHR-P505A, HHR-P505PA, HHRP501, HHRP505, KC-TC1722, KC-TC9768XB, KX-A36, KX-T1410, KX-T1430, KX-T1450, KX-T1460, KX-T1520, KX-T2105, KX-T210B, KX-T3185D-B, KX-T3185D-W, KX-T3280, KX-T3600, KX-T3800, KX-T3815, KX-T3820, KX-T3821, KX-T3821R, KX-T3822, KX-T3825, KX-T3831, KX-T3835, KX-T3842, KX-T3845, KX-T3880, KX-T3880R, KX-T3900, KX-T3900R, KX-T6200B, KX-T6201B, KX-T800, KX-T8832, KX-TA38, KX-TC1400, KX-TC1400B, KX-TC1401B, KX-TC1401W, KX-TC1402, KX-TC1403, KX-TC1410, KX-TC1410B, KX-TC1430, KX-TC1430W, KX-TC1431W, KX-TC1447PK, KX-TC1450, KX-TC1450B, KX-TC1451B, KX-TC1451W, KX-TC1460B, KX-TC1460W, KX-TC1461B, KX-TC1481B, KX-TC1484B, KX-TC1486B, KX-TC1493C, KX-TC1493CW, KX-TC1500, KX-TC1500B, KX-TC1500W, KX-TC1501, KX-TC1501B, KX-TC1501W, KX-TC1503, KX-TC1503B, KX-TC1503W, KX-TC1520, KX-TC1520B, KX-TC1700, KX-TC1700B, KX-TC1701B, KX-TC1701W, KX-TC1703, KX-TC1703B, KX-TC1710, KX-TC1710B, KX-TC1711, KX-TC1711B, KX-TC1711W, KX-TC1713, KX-TC1720, KX-TC1720B, KX-TC1721B, KX-TC1723, KX-TC1731B, KX-TC1733, KX-TC1733CB, KX-TC1740B, KX-TC1741, KX-TC1741B, KX-TC1743, KX-TC1743B, KX-TC1743W, KX-TC1750B, KX-TC1800, KX-TC1800B, KX-TC1801B, KX-TC1801W, KX-TC1811B, KX-TC1831B, KX-TC1831W, KX-TC1850B, KX-TC1851, KX-TC1851B, KX-TC1861, KX-TC1861B, KX-TC1866B, KX-TC1866W, KX-TC1870B, KX-TC1871B, KX-TC1881, KX-TC1881B, KX-TC1886B, KX-TC1890, KX-TC1890B, KX-TC1891, KX-TC1891B, KX-TC901, KX-TC901B, KX-TC901W, KX
  • 3.6 Volts - 1500 mAh (Milliamps) - NiMH Chemistry
  • Cordless -> Cordless Battery -> Cordless Phone Batteries
  • AT&T: 750, 740, 450, 4126, 250, 200
  • At-t/Lucent: BT24, 401
  • Bell Phone: 32011, 32001 (see below for complete details)



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