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Driving Light Kit RF Series LED Cube Light Kit Driving; 3 in.; Pair; SAE Compliant; FEATURES: More Controlled Beam Pattern Lower Power Consumption Than Traditional Forward Facing Bright 6000k White Light Replicates Daylight To Illuminate Road/Trail Compact and Durable Cast Aluminum Housings/Polycarbonate Lenses The RF3 3" LED Cube light has redefined the small LED light market. Not only is the RF3 a compact housing with a multitude of mounting options, it also has more effective light output then any other forward facing cube light on the market thanks to our Reflector Facing Technology (RFT). PIAA wanted to perfect LED lighting when we designed rearward-facing bulbs and new "first-in-the-industry" reflector technology. The innovative design offers significantly improved lighting and beam control compared to conventional LED and halogen lamps with forward-facing bulbs. The result is greater visibility for drivers. Key to achieving these performance advantages is PIAA's advanced Reflective Facing Technology (RFT). PIAA's exclusive computer-designed, multi-surface reflector concentrates and focuses the beam pattern of the rearward-facing LED bulbs more precisely than forward-facing LED lamps. RFT is featured in PIAA's LP Series and RF Series LED lights. Both series of PIAA LED lamps provide brilliant illumination, but with lower power consumption than conventional LED and halogen lamps. They light the road with brilliant cobalt-blue color that is clearly visible to oncoming traffic, providing an added measure of driving safety. The lamps are compact and durable, with the cast aluminum housings and polycarbonate lenses. PIAA Corporation was established in 1963 with the commitment to manufacture world-class products that our customers could use with pride and confidence. Today, PIAA upholds that commitment by combining market driven concepts with the latest technology to make night and inclement weather driving as safe as possible.
  • PIAA77603RF Series LED Cube Light Kit Driving; 3 in.; Pair; SAE Compliant;
  • 77603
  • PIAA
Dimensions10 x 4.5 x 6.5 inches

PIAA 77603 RF Series LED Cube Light Kit Driving


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