Cavite, Bataan, Corregidor. The names alone are a wound on our collective memory. But at the time, the men who forged headlong into these World War II battles had no idea what awaited them, what role they were about to play in the wartime history of our country-nor it seems did the United States Government, the Navy, or the Pentagon. "When Japan unleashed its firestorm on Pearl Harbor, surprise, anger, and fear beyond words gripped the nation. Reflecting on this, I realize how wrong so many people were, including enlisted men like me and those in power." In this historical, political, analytical, and deeply personal story of a disgracefully blundering hierarchy, inadequate weaponry, lack of even rudimentary supplies, and official incompetence and miscalculation at every turn, Poness recounts the events that led up to being taken as a prisoner of the Japanese and of his harrowing years as a P.O.W. The fighting men distinguished themselves, they fought and sacrificed and died. Their nation profoundly failed them.
  • Genre: Biography & Autobiography
  • Pages: 146
  • Author: Ralph C. Poness
  • ISBN: 0533164478
  • Publisher: Marked Tree publications
Publication DateMarch 13, 2012
Primary CategoryHistory/Military - World War II

P.O.W.: A Sailor's Story

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