The Park & Sun Soft Touch Tetherball is a great way to add a little punch to a beach bash or backyard barbeque. Whether you're new to the game or are looking for a replacement ball, this soft-touch tetherball will bring fun for the whole family. The regulation-size 7-inch ball is made of ultra-comfortable PVC/nylon material, so it's softer than a traditional rubber ball and won't burn or bruise hands and forearms. Included are a 5mm nylon rope that spans 7 feet and a swivel hook attachment that will have you swinging in no time. With an internal cord connector and inset valve stem, this sunny yellow tetherball now features a new and improved beach ball design that is sure to stand out from the crowd. About Park and Sun Sports Park and Sun Sports is based in Englewood, Colorado. The Sporting Goods Manufacturers Since 1985, Park & Sun Sports has designed, distributed and manufactured high quality sporting goods, athletic equipment and unique games from their headquarters in Englewood, CO. Through the talents of their dedicated team and the inspiration of the consumer, Park & Sun Sports will continue to demonstrate innovation, quality, passion and superior service through the products that they offer. (PS069-1)
  • Soft-touch tetherball in new beach ball design
  • Standard 7-inch ball features nylon-wound bladder
  • 7-foot nylon tether with swivel hook included
  • Lightweight ball is easy on hands and forearms
  • Dimensions: 7L x 7H x 7W inches
Dimensions7L x 7W x 7H in.
Weight1 lb.

Park & Sun Soft Touch Tetherball

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