Paul/Rothenberg,Ned Dresher - Opposites Attract (CD NEW)

Label: New World
Format: CD
Release Date: 30 Jun 2009
No. of Discs: 1
UPC: 093228041122
Album Tracks
1. Orient and Tropic
2. The Long Seven
3. Yuuniik
4. The Untold Story: Sidi Infi/Bolero in Straight Jabs
5. The Untold Story: The Edge of Sleep
6. The Untold Story: Shriek
7. The Untold Story: The Paddling Floes
8. The Untold Story: The Endup
9. Opposites Attack
10. Skronk
11. Straight Jabs Redux/Finale
  • Opposites Attract
FormatAudio CD
Publication Date19921208
Publisher ImprintIMS Distribution LLC

Opposites Attract

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