Dirt and sand from the litterbox can get everywhere if you don't have protection. Your cat can leave a trail that you'll have to spend time cleaning up.
With Paws & Pals's Cat Litter Mat, the litterbox area is easier to maintain. Place the mat under the litterbox.
Dirt and sand will stay on the mat, even when your cat walks around. Cleanup takes seconds.
  • STURDY: The cat litter mat's nonslip max grip material keeps the litter box and your pet safe
  • DURABLE: Your pets will have a tough time tearing through the cat litter mat as it goes in and out of its litter box
  • CLEANING IS A CINCH: The cat litter mat's simple design makes cleaning dirt and liquid away. Maintenance can be done in a snap.
  • STAYS IN ONE PLACE: The cat litter mat helps kitty litter stay in the area of the litter box while keeping the rest of your floor clean
  • EASY CLEAN: Shaking and cleaning the dirt off of the cat litter mat takes seconds

Paws & Pals Cat Litter Mat - Scatter Control, Non-Toxic, Washable, Easy Clean, Max Grip


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