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Used everywhere from the threads of hardware to the interface between mating components and in demanding applications like wheel and bottom bracket bearings, grease has a tough job when it comes to bicycles. Choosing the correct grease is essential to protect key parts from corrosion and wear, provide high efficiency, and ensure it lasts between servicing in the demanding conditions bicycles encounter. Syn Grease Plus is up to the challenge. Syn Grease Plus is a premium, all-purpose, NLGI #1.5, extreme pressure, synthetic lithium bicycle grease that meets tough GC-LB requirements, the highest rating for bearing performance classification. This rating means Syn Grease Plus will provide the absolute highest performance and protection for your most critical bearing applications. Syn Grease Plus is formulated to have an excellent dropping point, superior water resistance, and outstanding structural stability over an extremely wide range of temperatures. Syn Grease Plus is also formulated for excellent oxidative stability, superior corrosion protection, and extreme pressure/anti-wear protection. Syn Grease Plus is also fantastic for assembly tasks, great for threads, ensuring accurate torque and protecting against corrosion, and great for component interfaces, ensuring easy adjustment and removal and again preventing corrosion. Syn Grease Plus is the grease of choice for those that demand the best performance.
  • Premium, all-purpose, NLGI #1.5, GC-LB Rated
  • Extreme pressure, synthetic, lithium bicycle grease
  • Structurally stable over a wide range of temperatures
  • Formulated for excellent oxidative stability
  • Superior corrosion protection
ColorOne Color
Dimensions2.5 x 1.5 x 6 inches

Pedro's Syn Grease+ Bicycle Grease - 3oz - 6205031NA


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