The Penn Plax Finding Nemo Medium Ambulia adds serious color to any tank. It's inspired by Pixar's plant designs in Finding Nemo and adds a whimsical touch to any tank. Fish will love swimming around it and hiding in it. It's crafted of non-toxic plastic. Penn-Plax is a family-owned company in operation since 1959. They specialize in creating excellent pet supplies for animals both great and small. Best known for producing pet products at affordable prices, the Penn-Plax brand is synonymous with innovation and quality, keeping your pet foremost in mind. (PLX659-1)
  • Made of durable plastic
  • Comes with a flat base for secure placement
  • Offers a realistic appearance
  • Non-toxic and fish-safe
  • Spice up your tank with aquarium plants

Penn Plax Finding Nemo Medium Ambulia


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