Pennzoil Gold 0W20 Synthetic Blend Dexos 5QT provides the protection you need for severe driving conditions for your newer model engine. It provides better protection than conventional oil in conditions like stop-and-go driving, frequent short trips, extreme temperatures and idling and towing. It is a synthetic blend motor oil with a combination of high-quality conventional base oil, synthetic base oil and additives. The Active Cleaning Agents gently dissolve sludge deposits from your engine and help to prevent dirt and contaminants from turning into performance-robbing deposits. When it's time for an oil change, protect your engine with this synthetic dexos. A cleaner engine runs smoother and performs better.
  • Synthetic Blend Engine Oil Formulated To GM Dexos Specifications

Pennzoil Gold 0W-20 Dexos Synthetic Blend Motor Oil, 5 qt


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