Ugh! Don't you just hate trying to sweep up the mess around your cat's litter box? If only your cat wouldn't kick up so much debris when they were using the box. Well, while there is little you can do to change your cat's behavior, you can make pickup easier on yourself with the Pet Champion 2-Layer Sifting Cat Litter Mat. The mat features a two-layer design. The top layer consists of a crisscross pattern of holes which catches and deposits loose litter into the solid bottom layer, where it remains until you are ready to dispose of it. To discard the litter debris, simply pick up the mat, making sure the open end of the bottom layer is up, and dump the loose litter into a garbage bag That's all there is to it! No more scrunching through loose litter as you try to sweep it up. The mat will catch it and make cleanup a breeze!
  • Pet Champion Hole Litter Mat For Cats
Dimensions21.5 x 14 x 0.4 inches

Pet Champion 2-Layer Sifting Cat Litter Mat

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