Pet Natural Products Anal Gland Relief

Historically, animal anal glands produced a scent that was expressed in the feces for marking territory. Animals that lived in the wild acquired fiber and essential bacteria to maintain a healthy gut and healthy anal glands. Today's processed animal foods may contain less fiber and essential probiotics resulting in impacted anal glands that cause itching, inflammation, and sometimes infection. The solution is often times expression of the anal glands by a vet. Anal Gland Relief contains the immune modulator Del-Immune V® ( that turns on when needed and turns off when not needed, to relieve inflammation and itching. A probiotic blend helps to support the microflora in the gut subsequently helping to control itching and infection. 100% Oat Bran Flour normalizes bowel movements so the scent is extracted in the feces to minimize build up in the anal gland. Oat Bran Flour also contains Beta Glucan, for passive immune system support. Usual dose is 1 scoop daily in the pet's food. Each jar contains approximately 100 doses.

Product Features

  • Unique product for dogs and cats any age that supports anal gland health, regulates digestion and evacuation and stops scooting. Contains natural immune modulator Del-Immune V, essential probiotics and pure organic oat bran flour (100 doses
  • Supports healthy evacuation, cleanses the anal area, relieves pain, itching, swelling.
  • Contains Del-Immune V to maintain immune function, beneficial Probiotic blend, Organic Non-GMO Oat Bran Flour as a fiber and beta-glucan source for gut and anal gland health.
  • Veterinarian Recommended- Natural Anal Gland Relief TM is added to meals as a routine preventative.
  • Appropriate for all ages and breeds. Proudly manufactured in the USA with 100% all-natural ingredient produced in the USA.

    Pet Natural Products Anal Gland Relief

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