The Pet Remedy Spray is a waterbased calming solution that can be applied on almost any surface to calm a wide variety of pets and animals. This spray utilizes a pH neutral formula that is safe for your pet's skin or coat and that can therefore be applied directly to the stressed pet. The spray is also safe to be used on bedding, carpet, and other soft fabrics and furnishings. Pet Remedy Spray can be used in the car and comes in a refillable, pocketsized container for your convenience. This container includes 15 mL of the formula, but it is also available in a 200 mL size that works for cats, dogs, horses, and more. Calm your pet with this natural, safe solution today Key Features: Waterbased spray can be used directly on pet or on variety of fabrics and surfaces Utilizes a pH neutral formula that is safe for the skin and coat Available in 15 mL or 200 mL bottles

    Pet Remedy DeStress Calming Refillable Mini Spray (15 mL)

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